Information for Consumers

Frequently Asked Questions for Consumers: 

What can I bring to a participating Consumer Drug Return Partnership pharmacy?

Private consumers, meaning no businesses, can bring any pharmaceutical they have in their home excluding Controlled Substances. Over-the-counter (OTC) and prescription medications are accepted.

Can I bring liquids, creams and ointments?

Yes, as long as the container they are in is less than 4 oz. All liquids, creams and ointments must be in a leak proof container and enclosed in a zip-lock plastic bag.

Do the pharmaceuticals need to be in their original containers?

It is preferred that the pharmaceuticals remain in their original container for chemical identification purposes. However, if the medication cannot be returned in the original container please seal the medicine in a zip-lock plastic bag.

Are you going to use my personal information located on my prescription for anything?

No, if this is a concern to you, feel free to black out your contact information. However, please leave the name and dosage of the prescription legible for the pharmacist.

What happens to my medicines after I return them to the pharmacist?

After you hand your unused pharmaceuticals to the pharmacist they are identified and put in to a special tamper proof collection box made specifically for this program. When the secure box is full, the pharmacist contacts us to arrange for the contracted waste hauler to remove the box via UPS to a waste to energy incineration plant. That means that instead of the medication adding to our planets pollution it is incinerated to create clean energy!