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Advocating Clean Water Policies

We speak for thousands of people who care about rivers and clean water, both those who live in the Mountain State and those who love to visit our mountains and streams.

Recent and ongoing advocacy efforts include:
  • Speaking for rivers at public hearings, confronting efforts to weaken discharge standards for aluminum, selenium and mercury.
  • Educating lawmakers about proposed policies that would degrade water quality.
  • Providing scientific analysis on water quality standards.
  • Helping kill a proposed weakening of bacteria limits that ensures safe water recreation.
  • Intervening legally when an industrial poultry producer claimed their polluted runoff was not subject to the Clean Water Act.
  • Working to force the state mining program to enforce existing water protection laws.
  • In the State Capitol, confronting mining industry efforts to abandon their responsibilities.
  • Forcing gas drilling companies to disclose chemicals used in fracking fluid and provide public access to their water management plans.
  • Intervening in a legal appeal on the gas industry’s responsibility to prevent erosion and keep our clear streams from turning to mud.
  • Promoting the survival of the rare diamond darter fish through a successful endangered species listing and critical habitat designation along the Elk River.