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WV Rivers Water Policy Updates: Week 3 of the 2016 Legislative Session

posted Feb 1, 2016, 11:05 AM by Kathleen Tyner   [ updated Feb 4, 2016, 7:44 AM ]
Water Policy Call to Action - Week 3
In each weekly WV Rivers Water Policy Update we'll highlight the most important action you take for clean water that week. In-depth information about the actions can be found in the articles below.

This week's action: The House Judiciary Committee is expected to consider bills on aboveground storage tank regulations and water quality standards. Click here to tell them to protect our water and:
  • Don’t approve any more exclusions to the Aboveground Storage Tank Act.
  • Consider public safety when installing tanks at new sites.
  • Monitor deliveries to help prevent illegal operation of tanks.
  • Reject weakening of water quality standards.

Protections in Siting New Tanks Need Restored

Many of us asked the obvious question, why were toxic chemicals at Freedom Industries allowed to be so close to a drinking water intake? Why was the secondary containment structure not inspected or maintained at a higher standard? In its original form, the proposed rule included protections in section 4.3 for siting new tanks that pose the most danger to human health. However, under industry pressure those protections were stripped. We are working with legislators this week to restore reasonable precautions when setting standards for the installation of tanks at new sites. Although siting decisions are often made at the local level, the state can require sufficient controls to protect drinking water supplies. Send your message to decision makers to protect public health when installing tanks at new sites.

Industry Gearing Up for Another Run at Drinking Water Rule

An article in Sunday's Charleston Gazette-Mail overviews the historical and current attacks on the “Category A” drinking water use protection. Category A limits contaminants to current or future drinking water supplies that are most harmful to human health. Last year, we saw a great victory for the Kanawha River when its Category A protections were restored. We need your help in defending against industry attempts to gut Category A protections statewide. The WVDEP study on this issue is underway, you can relate your support of maintaining Category A protections to

E-Day Brings Groups to the Capitol

Thanks to all that stopped by for E-Day last week. To keep up on all legislation affecting all aspects of our environment, visit the WV Environmental Council at