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WV Rivers Policy Updates: House Passes HB 2506 - Here's What to do Next

posted Mar 3, 2017, 5:49 AM by Kathleen Tyner
Clean Water Action of the Week
Thank Your Delegates

This week the WV House passed the Toxic Water Bill, HB 2506. While the vote is disappointing, we want to thank the 37 delegates that voted against the bill.

Review the vote list, if you see your delegate under the "nay" column, thank them for casting their vote against HB 2506.

House Passes HB 2506 - What's Next

This past week has been a whirlwind. We started off with a last minute public hearing on the Toxic Water Bill, HB 2506. West Virginian's from across the state spoke out against the bill and the wrong message it sends about West Virginia. Over just a few days, you sent 10,500 letters to legislators on HB 2506! After two days of debate the House passed the bill on a 63-37 vote. The WV Senate will take it up next.

While we're disappointed in the House for passing the bill, the fight's not over! The Senate will need to go through the same process as the House, sending HB 2506 through committee and then to the full Senate for a vote.

Stay with us, the fight over HB 2506 still has a long way to go! Popular opinion is against the bill, check out this editorial in the Gazette-Mail, and there is mounting pressure on the Senate to stop the dangerous changes SB 2506 would enact.

E-Day at the Legislature

Groups from around WV gathered in the Capitol, on Monday, for E-Day, which happened to coincided with the HB 2506 hearing. Folks met with their legislators and lobbied them on environmental issues. If you missed E-Day, you can still lobby for clean water! Call 304-637-7201 to get involved!