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West Virginia Water Crisis Update - How to Help

posted Jan 14, 2014, 1:16 PM by Kathleen Tyner
Water Crisis Spurs WVRC Into Action

Freedom Industries along the Elk River in Charleston, WV
During the aftermath of the chemical spill on the Elk River we have engaged national and statewide media to shine a light on the reasons behind the spill. It is not only a story about an isolated leak - it is about the need for systemic changes in industrial practices, regulation, and enforcement to protect water

While we continuously monitored the situation, WVRC Executive Director Angie Rosser gave dozens of media interviews. We prioritized this because we believe that by spreading truth from the perspective of the public who rely, use and enjoy clean water we can create conditions for positive changes in clean-water policies. Check out Angie on the CBS Evening News and her interview with the New York Times

Executive Director Angie Rosser with Chip Reid on the CBS Evening News
But meaningful reform will not happen overnight. Once the immediate crisis is over, WVRC will intensify its push for meaningful reforms and investment in protecting the rivers and streams that are our lifeline.

We are mobilizing our own team of policy, science, and legal experts. We will provide analysis and specific recommendations for systematic changes in law and regulations.

West Virginia lawmakers are talking about reforms, too. But we don’t want to allow them to fall into a band-aid approach to cover our wounds. We need to offer a comprehensive view of systemic change that can heal and protect our waters now and for the future.

Our thoughts have been with the West Virginians struggling to manage without access to safe water. Our concerns are for all of us who live with the risk of water contamination every day. Many people are now realizing that clean rivers and public health and safety are directly related. They are seeing how essential clean water is to their health and quality of life.

Now is the time to mobilize to better protect our water sources.

We urgently need to raise $12,500 to support our independent team of legal, scientific and policy experts. Become part of the change our state needs by making a secure online donation.

Now is an opportunity to transform the status quo. We need everyone's voice with us. Stay tuned as we update you on the developments of our Clean Water Policy Workgroup and specific actions we all need to take to create meaningful change for our rivers and water security.