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Giving Thanks for the Rivers We Love

posted Nov 24, 2015, 6:25 AM by Kathleen Tyner   [ updated Nov 25, 2015, 6:26 AM by David Lillard ]
Dear Friend of West Virginia Rivers,

It’s been a year of challenges for water in West Virginia, and a year worth celebrating. We
worked to fend off rollbacks to laws and regulations that devalue the rivers we love and the water we depend on. The coming year will be even tougher. Why celebrate? Because with your support we achieved positive changes, and held the line on many fronts.

Your year-end gift makes good things happen for the waters of West Virginia.

Here are 27,461 reasons to celebrate. Fifty-one of you submitted comments on WV Water Quality Standards when we asked. An impressive 18,064 people wrote in to halt high levels of mercury pollution in the Ohio River. Decision makers heard from 507 of you that our headwaters deserve protection. We equipped 195 volunteer water quality monitors to alert us to suspected pollution events—recording over 8,000 data points on stream health. And when we had to step up our game to defend against industry attempts to gut protective laws, 441 returning and 203 new donors made it possible.

When we call on you to lend your voice, you answer.
When we need more monitors on our streams, you show up.
When we see an opportunity for real impact, you donate. 

The rivers can’t speak for themselves, they need the power of our collective voice. That’s why we work solely on issues that affect our waters. We keep our rivers, and you who value them, our priority. We give rivers a voice, but we need your support to do it.

We count on your contribution to be the statewide voice for West Virginia’s rivers. Donate today.

There is a crystal clear line connecting your donation, our expertise and advocacy, and effective citizen action. Here are a few examples:

Drinking Water Protection. We’re going into communities to teach citizens how to get involved in protecting their drinking water source. A gift of $25 provides six new advocates drinking water protection toolkits.

Headwaters Conservation. We’re pursuing permanent protections of high-quality headwaters through the Birthplace of Rivers campaign, facilitating public participation in pipeline projects across our national forest, and collecting baseline water quality data along proposed pipeline routes. A gift of $250 purchases a sampling kit for one volunteer stream monitor.

Water Policy Analysis. We weigh in on complicated statewide issues like the aluminum and selenium water quality standards, Category A public water supply use protections, fracking and tank regulations. A gift of $150 underwrites a day in Charleston providing science-based testimony to policymakers.

Clean Water Advocacy. We’re watchdogging polluters and regulators to make sure laws are enforced. The public relies on our information to advocate on behalf of the local rivers and streams they use and enjoy. A gift of $50 results in reaching over 8,000 people each month with our advocacy alerts.
It’s easy to think we will always have access to our beautiful, wild rivers. But we know that we can never take them for granted. You’re with us because the rivers we love are vulnerable and need us. Attempts to dismantle protections of our water are already underway. Headwater streams are at risk from proposed regulatory rollbacks on mining, agriculture, fracking, and chemicals. We need to act now—your donation ensures we can.

Your donation is more than a financial investment in the work to protect our rivers. With any contribution, you become a member of West Virginia Rivers Coalition. Membership is powerful, it shows strength in numbers and that the voices of thousands are behind us.

Join West Virginia Rivers Coalition today by making your year-end tax deductible gift.

Thank you for your much valued support this giving season. With you, we can all give back to the rivers that deeply enrich our lives.

To healthy and wild waters,

Angie Rosser
Executive Director