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ACTION ALERT: Public Hearing on Water Resources Protection

posted Jan 31, 2014, 6:32 AM by Kathleen Tyner   [ updated Jan 31, 2014, 2:27 PM by Web Editor ]
WV House of Delegates to Hold Public Hearing     
Join WVRC on Monday, February 3rd at 5:30 in the House Chambers at the WV State Capitol for a public hearing on legislation to increase protections of our rivers and water supplies. If you cannot be there in person, you can be assured your concerns will be voiced by WVRC. You can also personally contact your delegate and sign our petition to voice our message:
  • We deserve thorough protection from all contamination threats to our water supplies.
  • The government needs to do a better job in regulating and enforcing protections.
For more information to get involved in Monday’s public hearing, contact us.
WVRC Working with Legislators to Strengthen Protections

WVRC Executive Director Angie Rosser with Downstream Strategies President Evan Hansen reviewing data before a legislative committee meeting
On Monday, the WV Senate passed Senate Bill 373 relating to water resources protection, now the bill goes to the House of Delegates for consideration. This week, WVRC met with state legislators to discuss ways to strengthen the legislation. WVRC supports amendments to incorporate recommendations from our report:
  • Require individual permits and inspections for all tanks and contaminant sources in critical zones;
  • Require Source Water Protection Plans that address all contaminant sources, and dedicate funding to develop these plans across the state; and
  • Assure that all pollution sources can be enforced via the Clean Water Act with provisions for citizen involvement.
We are also advocating for the withdrawal of a drastic weakening of the aluminum water quality standard proposed in Senate Bill 136. See Senator Beach’s request to remove this weakening of water quality standards from consideration. Our work is making a difference!
Affected Citizens Deserve Answers

Hundreds gather for a town hall meeting in Charleston Wednesday
WVRC attended town hall meetings this week around Charleston where hundreds of people still without safe water gathered to find answers and ways to act on behalf of their right to clean water. Citizens are organizing to stand together in holding our government accountable to protect our rivers and our health. As one directly affected grandmother expressed to us, “We’ve allowed this to happen; we must expect more from the people we elect to protect our waters.”