Explore and Enjoy

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People say it's "almost heaven" for a reason. West Virginia's mountains and the rivers born in them are renowned the world over for their scenic beauty, sense of wildness, and the way nature and people fit so seamlessly on the landscape. That's why West Virginia Rivers Coalition works every day to conserve and restore the exceptional values of our waters. 

Even if you are a lifelong resident, there is always someplace to new to explore and enjoy. Navigating the rapids or paddling the calm lower reaches, biking along the river on a gentle rail trail or muscling fat tires above a roaring stream, backpacking through mountainous headwaters or enjoying a quiet stroll by an in-town creek, it's all about water. It's our privilege to explore and enjoy, our responsibility to steward.

These pages are your portal to the people, agencies, organizations that provide access, programs, and interpretation of West Virginia's waters and the land surrounding them. 

Check back to these pages in April 2014.