Restoring Protection for Headwaters

Vulnerable headwaters throughout West Virginia are now protected by a new Clean Water Rule.

The US Environmental Protection Agency released a new rule, which clarifies which bodies of water are protected under the Clean Water Act. This is great news for West Virginia's rivers, streams, and wetlands. 

The rule is important for West Virginia as it restores protections for 8,390 miles of streams that feed into the state's drinking water sources. In fact, over half of West Virginia's population is dependent on drinking water that relies these small streams. The Clean Water Rule makes sure the water flowing into our drink water sources are protected from pollution and polluters can be held accountable.


A recent poll found that 85% of voters support the Clean Water Rulebut that alone is not going to stop attempts to overturn it. Our members of Congress need to hear from you – sign the petition below so we can show people care about the health of West Virginia’s headwaters!

Sign the petition below and show your support of the Clean Water Rule!