Elkspeditioners Enjoying Time In The Elk

posted May 23, 2016, 8:47 AM by David Lillard
After backpacking and bushwhacking through stinging nettles, after days on bikes along the Elk, Matt Kearns and Adam Swisher finally found water enough for paddling Sunday, May 22. Maybe a little too much water! The heavy rains created a torrent that flipped the guys and their canoe into the rapids.

Back in the water, they covered 10 miles to Centralia in just 2 hours — that’s fast!

The previous day had been more leisurely, allowing time to stop and fish and talk with others who were also out for a day of fun on the Elk. 

Matt caught 2 native brook trout and one small mouth bass, which he released back to the river. Another angler, though, had lined a rainbow trout, which he gifted to Matt and Adam. They enjoyed that for their supper!

On Tuesday, May 24, the team will finish paddling Sutton Lake and portage Sutton Dam. After a re-supply at a local grocery, and a shower, they’ll be hanging out Cafe Cimino in Sutton from 5–8pm. Stop at Café Camino to say hello, enjoy some refreshments, and hear some tall tales of the Elk from Matt and Adam.

Join Matt and Adam at a Memorial Day picnic at Coonskin Park. The picnic, hosted by WV Rivers, is FREE! Hope you see you there.