Businesses for the Monument

The Birthplace of Rivers National Monument proposal is good for businessClean water is essential for West Virginia's economic prosperity. Businesses of all kinds rely on clean water for their operations, their employees, and their customers. 

Tourism is a huge economic engine for West Virginia. Increasingly there is a growing recognition that outdoor recreation and our state's natural beauty are what drives the state's tourism economy. As the headwaters of six rivers, the Birthplace of Rivers is important not just to tourism inside the monument area, but downstream where West Virginia's famed whitewater rafting and paddling occur. 

The Birthplace of Rivers National Monument proposal represents a powerful symbol, too. It tells the world we value our rivers; it serves as an iconic welcome sign to all visitors considering a visit to West Virginia.

Business support is crucial to the monument campaign. Want to learn how your business can help? Contact us at 304-637-7201.